Our Roots:

Founded in 2010, the Telemedicine Society of Nepal (TMSoN) was established from the collaborative vision of a diverse team comprising ICT experts, medical professionals, and development practitioners. The establishment of this organization was driven by the imperative to connect geographically isolated communities deprived of essential healthcare. We recognized the need for an institutional arrangement to advocate, collaborate, and support telemedicine practices in the country. 

Our Early Years:

In its early years, the Nepal Telemedicine Society (TMSoN) played a crucial role in connecting many rural health centers in Nepal with telemedicine services. By leveraging the wireless network established by the Nepal Wireless Project, led by one of TMSoN’s founders, Mahabir Pun, the society facilitated real-time video conferencing-based telemedicine practices, connecting rural health posts with the Kathmandu Model Hospital. 

Our Registration and Affiliations:

TMSoN is registered with the District Administrative Office in Kathmandu and holds affiliations with the Social Welfare Council and Kathmandu Metropolitan Office.

Our Mission and Commitment:

TMSoN envisions a Nepal where quality healthcare transcends geographical barriers. Committed to revolutionizing healthcare through the integration of telemedicine and digital health practices, our primary goal is to foster broad awareness of e-health and telemedicine practices. Additionally, we are actively engaged in advocating for the development of a supportive policy environment, working towards the continuous expansion of telemedicine and digital health in Nepal. Our unwavering dedication ensures a sustainable and meaningful contribution to the nation’s evolving healthcare ecosystem.

What Sets Us Apart:

    • Collaborative Approach: TMSoN fosters collaboration among medical practitioners, ICT professionals, and development practitioners to ensure a holistic approach to healthcare innovation.
    • Telemedicine Services: At the forefront of implementing tailored telemedicine services, TMSoN breaks down barriers to healthcare access for patients, health workers, and doctors in remote and underserved areas.
    • Policy Advocacy: Actively advocating for policies supporting the growth of telemedicine and digital health in Nepal, TMSoN strives to create an environment conducive to sustained expansion.
    • Capacity Building: Contributing to the development of the telemedicine ecosystem, TMSoN invests in continuous training and skill development for healthcare professionals, keeping them abreast of the latest advancements.

Join Us in Shaping the Future:

TMSoN is more than an organization; it is a community dedicated to redefining healthcare in Nepal. Whether you are a healthcare professional, technologist, or simply passionate about making a difference, join us in shaping the future of telemedicine and digital health. Together, we can transform healthcare and ensure proper health access for all in Nepal.