Telemedicine Society of Nepal

Telemedicine Society of Nepal

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Telemedicine Society of Nepal

Telemedicine Society of Nepal (TMSON) is a not for profit organization registered under Nepal Government and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. It is established to bridge gap of proper coordination, among the organization working of the Telemedicine and E-health in Nepal. Furthermore, it has been acting as a nodal point for the promotion of Telemedicine in Nepal. It was constituted with the continuous efforts of like minded medical and technical peoples, working on the theme of ‘proper health access for all’.


To build health enabled societies through the implementation of Telemedicine.


To make proper coordination and cooperation among the organization and put the efforts jointly for enhancing Telemedicine practices in Nepal.


  • To create mass awareness relating to e health and telemedicine practices
  • To establish telemedicine services for remotely located patients, health workers and the doctors.
  • To make proper coordination among the technical institution for establishing good communication via advanced network technology.
  • To exchange health information, medical lectures and medical discussions among global communities.

Telemedicine Society of Nepal

Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone: +977 1 4154962