Welcome to the Telemedicine Society of Nepal

Telemedicine Society of Nepal, a non-profit organization registered under the Nepal Government and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, is committed to the development of telemedicine and digital health initiatives in Nepal.


Founded by a diverse team of ICT experts, medical professionals, and development practitioners, the Telemedicine Society of Nepal aspires to create a healthcare landscape in Nepal that transcends geographical limitations. Our primary goal is to foster broad awareness of e-health and telemedicine practices. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to addressing healthcare disparities through the implementation of telemedicine services tailored for patients, health workers, and doctors in remote areas. Additionally, we are actively engaged in advocating for the development of a supportive policy environment, working towards the continuous expansion of telemedicine and digital health in Nepal. Our unwavering dedication ensures a sustainable and meaningful contribution to the nation’s evolving healthcare ecosystem.



Telemedicine Services: Implementing services to bridge healthcare gaps in remote and underserved areas.

Policy Advocacy: Actively advocating for policies that support telemedicine and digital health’s growth in Nepal.

Capacity Building: Contributing to telemedicine ecosystem development by investing in continuous training for healthcare professionals.

Community Outreach: Engaging in programs to educate the public about telemedicine, fostering understanding and trust.

Innovative Initiatives: Leading projects that explore new technologies, pushing telemedicine capabilities.

Global Collaboration: Facilitating knowledge exchange with international telemedicine networks to stay informed about global trends.

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