Types of Membership and Basic Eligibilities

The Telemedicine Society of Nepal offers six different types of membership for interested individuals and institutions to become a part of the organization. All membership applications must adhere to the organization’s rules and regulations.

Ordinary Members

The TMSON constitution provides for two types of ordinary membership:

Individual Member:

Individuals who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply as an Individual member:

  • Should be a Nepalese citizen.
  • Should be at least 18 years old.
  • Should not have any mental challenges.
  • Should not have previously misused or misappropriated public property.
  • Should not have been charged or punished for corruption or violating laws.
  • Should have worked in the health sector or telemedicine or have made a significant contribution to the Nepalese health sector.

Institutional Member:

Institutions registered in Nepal and working in the health sector, especially those focused on telemedicine, are eligible for this type of membership after meeting the following criteria:

  • Should be a registered entity under the Government of Nepal.
  • Should be focused on health information dissemination or telemedicine.
  • Should have a constitution that ensures an internal democratic process and transparency in financial management.
  • Should be neutral regarding party politics, caste, ethnicity, religion, culture, and gender issues.


Life-time Member

Individuals who contribute special efforts to the organization’s development are eligible to apply life membership, as per the statute.

Honorary Member

Persons who have contributed to the nation and set an example in different fields will be granted honorary membership without paying any membership fee.

Founding Member

All the Individuals who are listed as a signatory in the organization’s statute are considered as founder member and are entitled to life-time membership. Founder members retain the right to intervene with the executive committee and management in cases where actions are not favorable for the organization’s development.

Associate Member

Organizations interested or working in telemedicine or helping to create telemedicine environment are eligible to affiliate as an Associate Member.

Process to Apply for Membership

To apply for a membership of the Telemedicine Society of Nepal, interested individuals or institutions can either send an email expressing their interest to info@tms.org.np or visit the TMSON office for further information.