The 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Nepal Telemedicine Society (TMSoN) took place on the 25th of Ashwin 2080 at its office.  The annual meeting was chaired by Dr. Udaya Koirala, the current Chairperson of TMSoN. In the meeting, Dr. Koirala highlighted the TMSoN journey, key achievements, and plans at the annual meeting.

During the meeting, Dr. Rajan Parajuli, serving as TMSoN’s General Secretary, took the stage to present the Annual Progress Report for the fiscal year 2079/80. Dr. Parajuli’s presentation delved into the TMSoN achievements, highlighting milestones and key activities undertaken. Notably, he proposed an ambitious activity plan for the fiscal year 2080/81. This plan encompassed initiatives such as a membership drive, the organization of a national telemedicine workshop, and advocacy for the establishment of a Digital Health Resource Center (DHRC) to further promote and develop telemedicine and digital health activities across the country.

Adding a financial perspective to the proceedings, Dr. Puja Lama, the Treasurer of TMSoN, presented the Annual Financial Report for the fiscal year 2079/80. Dr. Lama’s transparent overview of TMSoN’s financial health paved the way for proposing the next year’s budget. The proposed budget not only outlined allocations for various activities and operational expenses but also aimed to ensure financial sustainability for TMSoN’s endeavors.

Importantly, the annual meeting unanimously approved the Annual Progress Report, next year’s activity plan, and budget. The unanimous approval underscores the trust and confidence that the members place in the society’s leadership and its vision for advancing telemedicine and digital health in Nepal. As TMSoN moves forward, the AGM’s outcomes provide a clear roadmap for TMSoN’s growth, innovation, and impact on healthcare in the digital age.