With the invaluable support from the Nepal Telemedicine Society, telemedicine services have been launched for the residents of Ward No. 2 and 4 in Uttargaya Municipality, Rasuwa District.


Key Highlights:

  1. Partnership with Nepal Telemedicine Society: The initiative has been made possible through a collaborative effort between the Uttargaya Municipality and the Nepal Telemedicine Society. This partnership aims to bring advanced medical services closer to the people, especially those residing in remote areas.
  2. Widespread Access: Local health personnel and residents of Ward No. 2 and 4 can now benefit from remote consultations with doctors at the renowned Kathmandu Model Hospital. This technological leap is poised to revolutionize healthcare delivery, ensuring that even the most remote communities have access to expert medical advice.
  3. Connecting Rural Communities with Specialists: The telemedicine services will serve as a crucial bridge, connecting local people in Uttargaya Municipality with specialist doctors in Kathmandu Model Hospital. This means that individuals can receive consultation and advice from specialized medical professionals without the need for arduous travel.


How It Works:

The telemedicine services operate through a secure and user-friendly platform. Local health personnel will facilitate remote consultations between residents and doctors from Kathmandu Model Hospital. This innovative approach not only minimizes the need for travel but also ensures swift and efficient healthcare delivery.

Benefits for the Community:

  • Timely Medical Advice: Residents can now receive timely medical advice without the delays associated with travel.
  • Reduced Healthcare Costs: Telemedicine services can contribute to cost savings for individuals who would otherwise incur expenses related to travel and accommodation.
  • Access to Specialists: The initiative provides access to a wide array of specialists, ensuring that residents receive the best possible medical care.

Future Plans:

The successful launch of telemedicine services in Ward No. 2 and 4 is a stepping stone for broader implementation in the municipality. The Uttargaya Municipality is committed to expanding these services to additional wards, further enhancing healthcare accessibility for all.