TMSON actively contributed to the organization of Nepal’s inaugural National Digital Health Day, organized by the Ministry of Health and Population on the 4th of Mangshir, 2080. Dr. Udaya Koirala, TMSON’s chairperson, participated in a panel discussion titled “Digital Health: An Imperative for UHC and Digital Health.”

Dr. Koirala brought insightful perspectives to the forefront, emphasizing the critical importance of digital health documentation in the context of current telemedicine practices. He urged the ministry to highlight the interconnectedness of digitalization and digital health, stressing the need for comprehensive capacity building among medical professionals for the successful implementation of telemedicine services. Notably, TMSON expressed readiness to support the government in providing necessary training.

Furthermore, Dr. Koirala emphasized the imperative of extending telemedicine services to urban areas. He urged the government to address essential policy considerations for successful implementation, particularly focusing on health insurance and reimbursement issues.